About me

Samantha Masters

Photography is in my blood. My Grandad and Great Uncle were both photographers who bought me my first camera (and many more cameras over the years) - they also taught me the importance of leaving a mark, remembering occasions, being the person who can turn up to a family occasion and 'take the photos'.. it's because of my Grandad and his brother that we have such a wonderful collection of photographic memories - right back to the 40's - I adore looking at those old black and white images from typical family gatherings and parties that without them I would have no idea how my family had fun years ago - births, marriages, Christenings, The Coronation.... street partys... they are all there.

I am an 'Elder Millennial' so I started with film photography.... I first learned to swish the chemicals in the trays in my Grandad's dark room - developing our family snaps. Every family holiday, it would be me - taking the photographs! I was the kid in the 90's who took a disposable camera to the last days of school and managed to capture all those memories of days gone by... yes the days BEFORE CAMERA PHONES! (All the small things by BLINK182 plays in my mind on a loop when thinking of school!)

I love to feel something from a photograph - photography is a way to bring back a moment otherwise gone and I love to see the emotion a single image can manifest in someone.

You can find anyone to snap away at a wedding or Christening but when a photographer is feeling the emotion with you and who's only priority on your day is to capture those moments in time for you, and then edit and present them to you - my clients understand that I care about their day. They see the difference. The images I present are edited by me. I am not an 'instant camera' I am happy to say I take my time to edit my work. I am slowing the process I am in my 'Dark room' - memories to last a lifetime are worth patience and love.